Future Of Work – Flexible Work, Purpose-Driven Workplaces And A New Workforce

Companies the world over are reimagining and recalibrating themselves to balance digital, physical, and cultural transformations in the New-Normal. This digital, fluid and sustainable future will support the new workforce and help companies create greater value and meaning. But fundamentally redesigning work, workforces, and workplaces is a long journey filled with obstacles.

This short video helps to explain why:

  • External factors like “the great resignation” & “Net Zero targets” have created new technology stakeholders
  • We’re still not addressing the fundamental human impacts of the pandemic & the risks that creates
  • Companies need to transition from an hours-based to an outcomes-based approach for their employees (note: employee monitoring software is NOT the answer!)
  • Focusing on human outcomes will better engage stakeholders & drive technology adoptionand more…

In short, you’ll be provided with the actionable insights you need to prepare for the #FutureOfWork.

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