WorkPlace Experience Summit

3 September, 2024 | Doltone House Hyde Park, Sydney + Virtual

Strategy, technology and design for future-fit productive workplaces

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Strategy, technology and design for future-fit productive workplaces

The workplace is rapidly evolving and the design and building of the workplace has become a powerful tool in influencing productivity, employee satisfaction, innovation and the bottom line. It is now more critical than ever that workplace experience be a partner with corporate real estate and facilities in order to respond to organisational needs taking into account different industries and job functions.  

The Workplace Experience Summit will focus on the many ways in which the fight for talent and ways of working are: changing the design footprint of organisations; changing real estate needs; changing company culture; changing leadership approaches and harnessing technologies to create collaborative and connected workplace ecosystems. 

The Summit will bring together employers, office landlords, agencies, tenant rep firms, flex workspace providers, the workplace design (AEC) sector and tech enablers to rethink the needs of the modern workplace. The summit will also cover the cultural shifts and realignments of today’s organisational climate and highlight how the physical workspace is being repurposed and redesigned, revealing the pivotal technological factors in transforming our work. 

The event will feature top level presentations, interactive panel discussions as well as roundtables and networking activities. 

Summit will start in...

Our Speakers

Claire Johnson

National Workplace Experience Manager, Coles

Graeme Scannell

Head of Workplace Experience, MYOB

Fabian Andreoni

National Workplace Planning and Strategy Manager, Origin Energy

Oliver Sebastian

Director, Digital Workplace, Landcom

Kim Ronaldson

Workplace Experience Manager, Australian Retirement Trust


The Workplace Experience Summit will bring together senior leaders to discuss the following topics:

  • Hyper-personalisation in real estate: As work changes in this knowledge era, so must corporate real estate. We are now living in a time of hyper-personalisation, in which consumers expect services and products to be customised to their needs. This trend is now reaching CRE as businesses demand the work environment to be personalised, cost effective, and available “on demand.” This new paradigm presents both opportunities and challenges for occupiers, landlords, service providers, and flex operators, as the lines between them keep getting blurred.

  • Reinvention of the Modern Office: The global pandemic brought our attendance in the office to an abrupt halt and triggered a complete re-evaluation of the purpose of the workplace. With the return to the new normal, what does the workplace look like? Who is coming back and why? What are the new goals for the modern office?

  • Workplace Occupancy and the War for Talent: We explore the reasons behind employees’ reluctance to return to the office and provide valuable insights and solutions for employers to attract and retain top talent. We’ll consider prevailing narratives about declining office occupancy rates and showcase the immense potential of workplace occupancy in fostering talent acquisition and retention.

  • Employee Experience: Beyond Hybrid Work– Organisations must rethink how to face the new challenges that hybrid work brings. A new operating model should be considered with at least three dimensions: people, processes, and places. To design and implement the right operating model for every organisation and every role, culture and technology must go together, providing a holistic approach to enable and optimise employee experience in the hybrid work environment.

  • Meeting Spaces for Today and Tomorrow: The workplace has changed significantly over recent years — where technology was a luxury, it is now a necessity. Hybrid is now mainstream and widely adopted; the right strategies and collaboration technologies will need to be implemented for the evolving modern workplace.

  • Navigating the Future of Real Estate: The real estate profession is undergoing a transformative evolution, driven by shifting demands, changing work dynamics, and the need for sustainable practices. We’ll explore strategies employed by industry leaders and organisations to prepare their portfolios, workplaces, and workforces for the future of real estate and business change considering key areas of uncertainty, talent management, ESG integration, portfolio optimisation, workplace reinvention, technology adoption, and performance tracking.

  • AI & Workplace Experience: The advent of hybrid work has prompted organisations to embrace the flexibility of remote and in-office work. But companies are struggling with the best way to design space that meets the needs of hybrid employees that utilise the office for varying purposes. Enter artificial intelligence, which is emerging as a powerful tool in redefining workplace design. We’ll discuss how AI will reshape commercial real estate, emphasizing its potential for experience-driven design and highly customizable environmental settings that lead to increased employee satisfaction and reduced costs.

PEOPLE & CULTURE: REcruit/REtain/REtrain/REgroup

Organisations that prioritise workplace wellbeing out-perform their competitors – Thriving workplaces are healthier, more profitable and creative.

  • How to build a thriving/FOMO inducing workplace to attract the next generation of talent
  • Building a regenerative workplace: Restoring employee wellbeing to achieve performance excellence
  • What does a “Return to People” look like when placing the emphasis on the most important ingredient of work and the workplace – the people?
  • How millennials and digital natives are reshaping what’s important in workplace and employee experience
  • Metrics of happiness: workplace design considerations and the happiness ecosystem
  • Taking a people centric, data-driven approach to workplace planning
  • Managing flexible agile workplace arrangements
  • Shaping/designing the workplace to reinforce culture and drive workplace value

TECHNOLOGY: REconnect/REtool/REallocate/REengage

Technology’s role in shaping the end user experience and expectations of the new workforce for a digital-first, hybrid work environment.

  • Workplace experience, productivity, health and digital office integration
  • The impact of smart building technology on the future of work
  • Leases, locations, and employees: Driving workplace decisions with integrated technology
  • Designing a frictionless digital employee experience
  • Balancing portfolio planning and tenant expectations with hybrid workplace technology
  • How to connect people and place and make informed, data-driven space decisions
  • Sensing the future – Using Proptech and workplace analytics to support the flexible workplace experience and meet new workplace challenges

Who should attend and why?

This event is for workplace leadership job functions who need to work together to create the workplace that best meets the challenges inherent within a hybrid or work-from-anywhere (WFA) model. The Summit focuses on the three core areas affected by hybrid and WFA, namely:

PEOPLE – which includes staff wellbeing, the HR policies and employee experience

PLACE & SPACE – which includes the footprint, the Hub and spoke location and flex design

TECHNOLOGY – which includes office connectivity, EX and WX apps and space monitoring

C Level, HR, Wellness and Work Culture Specialists

You are responsible for supporting remote and office staff management, engagement, recruitment, and overall performance within the workplace.

The Summit will show you how your role has expanded to include the remote and digital workplace and how these changes will influence employee experience, mental and physical welfare, work community and corporate culture.

  • Do staff perform well out of the office?  
  • Is the workplace fair to all employee groups? 
  • How do we reconnect staff to the brand values? 
  • Can we provide meaningful wellbeing support
  • How can we boost innovation & collaboration
  • How do we stop “the great resignation”? 
  • Creating high performance workplaces that your employees love 
  • Boosting employee experience in a remote first and flex friendly company 
  • Designing for corporate culture – Creating the new hub strategy for the hybrid office 
  • Ensuring fairness & wellbeing to all employees in the hybrid and work-from-anywhere workplace 
  • How to build a work from anywhere policy

Technology, Digital and Remote Employee Support Specialists

You are responsible for determining the current and future needs of the organisation to create fit-for-purpose solutions for the distributed digital and physical office. 

The Summit will show you how to optimise digital tools and broader Proptech offerings to streamline and automate processes, improve productivity, empower and engage employees wherever they work.

  • What new tech do we need to stay relevant?
  • How can we better connect staff to the office?
  • Can we make our services easier to use?
  • How can we use EX data to improve services?
  • How will the VR office change the digital needs?
  • Building people success: measuring employee happiness and engagementusing data driven tools 
  • Developing future ready workplaces which connect business strategy with people, digital and place
  • Predictions from the edge of the future workplace
  • Optimising immersive meeting technologiesfor the virtual office 
  • Reading the future in the present for hybrid & digital workplaces

Building, Real Estate and Flex Service Specialists

You are focused on ensuring that the operating costs of office space are justified and supportive of staff needs and company/employee requirements

The Summit will provide you with current real-world insights from large enterprise organisations and industry experts mapping out where the market is heading, what factors are driving their decision-making process, and why flexible workspace arrangements will be the norm going forwards. 


  • What is the best way to use flex space services?  
  • How do we ensure our space is fit for purpose?  
  • Should we keep our old office lease or adjust it?  
  • Will hybrid-WFA models continue post covid?  
  • How can technology help maximise space use?
  • Boosting employee experience in a remote first and flex friendly company 
  • Designing for corporate culture – Creating the new hub strategy for the hybrid office
  • Building employee centric workplaces with corporate purpose and social value 
  • In the hybrid workplace, how do you reposition your office assets for future value
  • Creating a win-win workplace experience supporting performance, culture and authenticity 

Workplace Designers, Workplace Experience and Digital Office Connectivity Specialists

You are responsible for refitting/repurposing the office to effectively engage and empower staff who seek improved digital, collaboration and innovation hubs. 

The summit will show case the importance of having a dedicated workplace experience strategy and team to successfully manage the shift to a distributed workplace and digital office with a space and technology platform that is fit for this new purpose. 

  • Is our office design and services competitive?
  • Will employees value returning to the office?
  • Can we help boost the brand values in design?  
  • Can we improve health and wellness in design?
  • Are we prepared for the future of digital work
  • Building employee centric workplaces with corporate purpose and social value 
  • Making sure you have appropriate flex policies in place for your office space 
  • Creating spaces for activity based work cultures
  • Design places and spaces that support mental health and wellness 
  • Ensuring equity, flexibility & work-life balance in hybrid workplaces 
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Conference Schedule

Day 1 | Tuesday | 12th September

08:30 - 09:00



Chairperson’s opening remarks

Kate Dodd, Founder, Intent Strategy



Evolution and Innovation: Alibaba's approach to workplace design and technology for their 230,000 global employees

Felix is responsible for the investment, construction and operation of 7 million square meters of Alibaba’s workspace worldwide. In this case study we hear how Felix is supporting the fast development of Alibaba’s business, where he continuously explores ways to provide a more secure, efficient, and vibrant workspace for over 230,000 employees worldwide. Felix will showcase how the planning, innovation, design and development of the workspace he manages is improving the efficiency of facility management, as well as upgrading security and environmental services with intelligent solutions. Before joining Alibaba in 2014, he served as the vice president of retail operations of Amazon China. 

  • General introduction and key figures about Alibaba’s campuses and workplace worldwide  
  • Our view on what makes a good workplace and why they are important to our 230,000 global employees 
  • Evolution of our workplace in response to the fast growth of the company and the changing preferences of our employees 
  • Intelligent solutions that we’ve developed to reshape our workplace and improve flexibility and efficiency 
  • Future of workplace in Alibaba and how we prepare for it 
Felix Liu, President of General Services Administration, Alibaba Group

INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Embracing hybrid work: IoT and Smart Building Technology for evidence-based solutions

The rapid shift towards hybrid working models has led to a growing demand for smart solutions that optimise productivity, efficiency, and employee well-being. By showcasing real-world case studies and practical applications, this presentation will delve into the cutting-edge convergence of IoT and smart building technologies that enable hybrid working environments.

  • Space utilisation: Leveraging IoT data to optimise office layouts and a seamless flexible work experience
  • Energy efficiency: Utilising smart building technology to minimise energy consumption and reduce costs
  • Employee well-being: Monitoring and adjusting environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature, and lighting
  • Collaboration and connectivity: Enhancing team communication and collaboration through connected devices and applications
Kevin L. Sauer, Former Global Workplace Strategist, Amazon (USA)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Workplace revolution – leaders are you ready?

Traditional management models simply aren’t fit for purpose for the workforce of tomorrow. The issue of labour shortages isn’t a problem for HR to solve alone; it’s a challenge for the whole business to meet. What are the strategies that will enable businesses to adapt to the future world of work, where employees prioritise flexibility, inclusion and personal development?

  • How is technology providing solutions to engage workers and increase productivity and wellbeing?
  • What do employees need to thrive at work and how do we provide this?
  • Examining the shift around the importance of work in people’s lives and the implications for workforce strategy
  • Is productivity the right measure for employees anymore and if not, what is?
Frances Cawthra, CEO, Cenitex
Bianca Lemon, General Manager, Skope Industries Limited
Graeme Scannell, Head of Workplace Experience, MYOB
Cherry Ward, Founder & Director, Bluebird Leadership
Facilitated by:
Libby Sander, MBA Director, Bond University, and Founder of Rethink

Morning refreshments & networking break



These quickfire moderated 40-minute roundtable sessions enable delegates to break up into small focus groups of 20 to deep dive into topics of specific interest. This will be followed by a quick recap of each table discussion by each of the facilitators.

Roundtable 1: How can you equip your leaders to be successful in a multi-choice workstyle culture?
Led by: John Corbett, Corporate Real Estate Executive, CorbCo

Roundtable 2: Uncover how and where your people work best using methods derived from the field of Human Geography
Led by: Tica Masuku, Workplace Strategy Director, Spaceful

Roundtable 3: Metrics of happiness: Workplace design considerations and the happiness Ecosystem
Led by: Sarah Matthews, CEO, Little BIG Foundation

Roundtable 4: Hitting pause- how we transition successfully in an ever changing, fast paced environment
Led by:
Steve MacDonald, CEO, The Human Link

Roundtable 5: Combining data and a people centric focus to understand work and redefine (physical) workplace
Led by: Peter Andrew, Executive Director – APAC Workplace Centre of Excellence, CBRE 

John Corbett, Corporate Real Estate Executive, CorbCo
Tica Masuku, Workplace Strategy Director, Spaceful
Sarah Matthews, CEO, Little BIG Foundation
Peter Andrew, Executive Director – APAC Workplace Centre of Excellence, CBRE
Steve MacDonald, CEO, The Human Link

Press Pause: Transitioning well into the future of work

Future focused work environments must successfully transition into human based high performance environments. This requires a strategic pause to rethink and reimagine rather than reproduce what has gone before.  Author and Organisational Psychologist Steve Macdonald unpacks the principles for transforming performance environments to embrace the future using examples from organisations he is currently working with.   

  • The principles of transition and transformation 
  • Unleashing the authentic value of our people 
  • Leading into the future 
Steve MacDonald, CEO, The Human Link

PANEL DISCUSSION: Maximising productivity & flexibility

Over the last two years, businesses have been experimenting. Remote, hybrid, flexible working – the 4-day week. What does the future hold? Can businesses, teams and individuals reach a consensus that maximises employee engagement and business growth? How is the cost-of-living crisis influencing employees’ expectations of remote or office working? Join this discussion as you think through what the future holds for your business.

  • Asynchronous remote work – are distributed workforces creating us vs them divides within teams and organisations?
  • How can HR take charge by embracing personalised strategies in the EX-journey for in house and remote workers?
  • Strategies to imbed psychological safety and the benefits of encouraging open discourse
Monique Zytnik, Global Employee Communication Subject Matter Expert, Open Communication (Germany)
Ingrid McGrath, Head of People Strategy and Culture, Heritage Bank
Barbara Daxenberger, People and Capability Manager, Tonkin + Taylor
Steve MacDonald, CEO, The Human Link
Facilitated by:
Philip Woods, Director, Catalyst Strategy

Lunch & networking break



PANEL DISCUSSION: 2024 and beyond - Fostering a collaborative workplace culture based on trust

Productivity paranoia, presenteeism and burnout vs trust and output are on employees minds. How do we ensure that workers feel connected to each other, the work, the mission, and the organisation, even when they don’t show up to the same place 5 days a week?

  • How are you addressing burnout in your organisation?
  • Is there a growing trust disconnect between workers and management and how do we resolve this?
  • What hard work and systems within the workplace are creating undue stress on employees?
  • How do you stop thinking in terms of productivity and focus on impact and value instead?
Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics
Sia Papageorgiou FRSA, SCMP, Managing Partner, Centre for Strategic Communication Excellence, & Co-Founder The Alignment People
Simone Kelsen, Head of People, Business Partnering, QBE Insurance
Dr. Peter Simpson, Global Head, Safety, Security & ESG, Standard Chartered Bank
Zora Artis GAICD IABC Fellow, CEO, Artis Advisory
Facilitated by:
Tica Masuku, Workplace Strategy Director, Spaceful

SPECIAL ADDRESS: Making hybrid work human

While hybrid work is here to stay for millions around the world, it presents real challenges for employees, their managers, and organisations as a whole. Combining technology and culture change offers the opportunity to create a “hybrid-first” mindset, empowering real-time and asynchronous collaboration that keep people connected, no matter where they work from.  

  • To what extent can communications smooth the rough edges of hybrid-working models?  
  • What are the building blocks of a resilient culture in a hybrid setting? 
  • How must leadership adapt to manage this change effectively and avoid being left behind, especially when it comes to innovation? 
  • What lessons can be learned from the past 18 months to create a sustainable working future? 
Allan Ryan, Adjunct Professor, UTS, & Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

MODELS UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT: Total Flexibility Vs. Mandated hybrid Vs. full-time In Office

From strategy to execution. This session will look at different working models and discuss the pros and cons of each one.

  • Now organisations have seen the effects of their chosen working model what outcomes have they seen?
  • Is your model working or do you need to consider a different approach or adapt it?
  • What do you need to support each working model?
  • What are the legal and Health & Safety implications of each model?
Andrew Barnes, Architect of the Global Movement, 4 Day Week-Global
Irena Stefanovska, General Manager, Reward & People Operations, ISPT
Penny Lovett, Executive General Manager - People and Culture, InvoCare
Hyma Vulpala, Global Digital Engagement Partner, Toll Group
Nick Todd, Australian Leader, User Strategy & Experience, ERA-co (USA)
Facilitated by:
Kate Dodd, Founder, Intent Strategy

Afternoon refreshments & networking break



CASE STUDY: Gen Z is ready to get to work. But are you ready for Gen Z in the workplace?

Young professionals are entering the workforce – and then leaving again, quickly. As you read this, 30% of Generation Z are looking for a new job. Want to attract and retain the highest quality employees from the new generation? Then understanding their needs and desires is the first step to success.

  • What are the defining characteristics and priorities of Gen Z that define them from others in the workplace?
  • How are misaligned expectations about flexibility, money and support leading to dissatisfaction and high exit rates?
  • The role of EAP’s in retaining Gen Z workers to avoid disruption in the workforce
  • How do you foster multi-generational needs and collaboration?
Colby Johansen, Human Resources Business Partner, Barings (USA)

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a regenerative workplace to attract, retain & advance your workforce

In the face of current headwinds and calls to cut costs, what priorities need to remain front of mind for organisations to thrive and be on the front foot in modern workforce engagement?

  • What issues prevent workers from gaining promotion, improving wellbeing and knowledge and does this impact workplace culture?
  • Balancing the risk of losing key talent against short term cost and portfolio efficiencies
  • How to create wellbeing strategies that are inclusive, holistic, and personalised
  • How can you cultivate future-ready mindsets? Frameworks for mentorship
Kylie Telford, Head of People & Culture, IANZ
Fiona Pereira, Director of Talent Acquisition, Australia, Marriott International
Natalie Macinnis, Head of Human Resources, Australia & New Zealand, Travelex
Michael McGrath, Head of Enterprise, LinkedIn

Close of day one and networking drinks

Day 2 | Wednesday | 13th September




Chairperson’s opening remarks

Kate Dodd, Founder, Intent Strategy



KEYNOTE ADDRESS: The Metaverse and the world of work

  • How can the metaverse be used effectively within organisations?
  • What opportunities does it bring? A look at teamwork and collaboration in the metaverse
  • What potential challenges do you need to think about?
  • Is your organisation ready for this new virtual world? Does it need to be?
Emile Rademeyer, Executive Director, Creative Strategy, Vandal

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a regenerative workplace to attract, retain & advance your workforce

DEIB is driving workforce strategies and initiatives but how will this translate in buildings, space, and design?

  • Using biophilic design to create wellbeing
  • Creating neuro-inclusive spaces to foster inclusion and belonging
  • Hotelification – incorporating creature comforts and a space for each phase of work to maximise productivity and employee experience
  • What amenities underpin DEIB?
Lisa Harries, Head of Real Estate & Planning, News Corp Australia
Kim Ronaldson, Workplace Experience Manager, Australian Retirement Trust
Vivekk Sehgal, Associate Director Workplace, Singtel (Singapore)
Rita Ren, Project Coordinator – Global Real Estate & Design, Atlassian
Lisa Harries, Head of Real Estate & Planning, News Corp Australia

CASE STUDY: Fostering a relationship driven workplace culture via intentional design and bespoke offerings

Recently winning the Urban Taskforce Award for Commercial Development 2022, Pallas House brings high end residential elements into a commercial & retail space via design elements and bespoke offerings to imbue a warm and inviting atmosphere that attracts employees 5 days a week into the office.

  • How to achieve a community vibe for tenants and employees via location and fit-out choices
  • Leveraging experiential elements to underpin a sense of belonging and relationship building
  • Translating corporate ethics and values via bricks and mortar to attract and retain talent
  • How do you successfully re-create the design brief across multiple sites?
Sharon Woodley, Group Manager -Human Resources, Pallas Group
Cloudia Ingall, Head of Design & Strategy, Fortis

Morning refreshments & networking break



These quickfire moderated 40-minute roundtable sessions enable delegates to break up into small focus groups of 20 to deep dive into topics of specific interest. This will be followed by a quick recap of each table discussion by each of the facilitator.


Roundtable 1: Creating a winning workplace: Designing and maintaining productive workspaces based on the behaviours of the workforce
Led by: Erin Faulkner, Head of People & Culture, Greenpeace Asia Pacific

Roundtable 2: Building a regenerative workplace to attract, retain & advance your workforce
Led by: Allan Ryan, Adjunct Professor, UTS, Executive Director, Hargraves Institute

Roundtable 3: Designing environments that engage + drive culture
Led by: Cloudia Ingall, Head of Design & Strategy, Fortis

Roundtable 4: How to build a thriving/FOMO inducing workplace to attract the next
Led by:
Zora Artis, CEO, Artis Advisory 

Roundtable 5: Tech and best practices powering flexible work
Led by: Philip Woods, Director, Catalyst Strategy

Erin Faulkner, Head of People & Culture, Greenpeace Australia Pacific
Tica Masuku, Workplace Strategy Director, Spaceful
Cloudia Ingall, Head of Design & Strategy, Fortis
Zora Artis GAICD IABC Fellow, CEO, Artis Advisory
Philip Woods, Director, Catalyst Strategy

CASE STUDY: Merging RE, Tech and Workforce

Work and the way we work needs to change. Now is the opportunity to rethink, re-design and create organisations and ways of working that benefit our families, our communities, our cities, and our environment. Australian Retirement Trust has recently had the opportunity to bring this to life by merging two organisations into one, in a brand-new purpose-built workplace. Join Kim as she shares the process of re-inventing the workplace.

  • How metrics shaped the design decision
  • What was important and why did it matter
  • What is the employee feedback so far and how is it being captured
  • Bumps in the road
Kim Ronaldson, Workplace Experience Manager, Australian Retirement Trust

Lunch & networking break



WORKPLACE TECH TALKS: Innovators in workplace & employee experience technology share ways to improve daily work life proficiency.

In this rapid-fire session, we hear from 4 forward thinking Tech companies about how they are creating technologies for the lasting shift toward future ready workplaces.

Worktech 1: Vincent Lau, CEO, Allocate Space

Worktech 2: Adrian Brossard, Head of Partnerships, Yellowbox

Worktech 3: Cameron Douglas, CEO, Videopro 

Worktech 4: Mike Erlin, Co-Founder & CEO, AbilityMap

Vincent Lau, CEO, Allocate Space
Adrian Brossard, Head of Partnerships, Yellowbox
Cameron Douglas, CEO, Videopro
Mike Erlin, Co-Founder & CEO, AbilityMap
Facilitated by:
Simon Hayes, Director, PwC Australia

FIRESIDE CHAT: Building workforces of the future - to what extent is innovation key to talent attraction, retention, and organisational agility?

Innovation is a word often used in an enterprise context that transcends consumers, brand, digital and ESG. This fireside chat will explore the secrets to innovation, and how it can be used to pivot, grow, and secure talent in turbulent times.

  • How can innovation be translated and maximised through a talent lens?
  • What role does senior leadership play in creating a culture of innovation and nurturing talent?
  • Who are tomorrow’s disruptors and what kind of organisations will they want to work for?
Sue Legrady, CIS Engagement Lead, Origin Energy
Shane O’Neill, Cloud and Infrastructure Architect-CIS Engagement and Architecture Services, Origin Energy
May Kay Cheung, Senior Workplace Design Manager, Atlassian
Interviewed by:
Peter Andrew, Executive Director – APAC Workplace Centre of Excellence, CBRE

HOT PANEL: Technology is constantly evolving; what does the dawning of the metaverse, and generative AI mean for your strategy and the future of work?

This panel discussion will unpack the benefits of applied AI:

  • How can we combine human and machine intelligence to augment and enhance work?
  • Removing bias for truly ethical AI
  • Will tech undermine or enable our future?
  • How can we overcome the challenges in upskilling and reskilling workforces to ‘democratise’ AI?
Emile Rademeyer, Executive Director, Creative Strategy, Vandal
Piyush Madhamshettiwar, Unstructured Data/AI/ML Architect, Transport for NSW
Nina Jane Patel, Interpol Metaverse Expert, Interpol and, Strategic Advisor, Kabuni (UK)
Facilitated by:
Bryan Froud, APAC Director, Collaboration Design, JLL

Close of summit

This panel discussion will unpack the benefits of applied AI:

  • How can we combine human and machine intelligence to augment and enhance work?
  • Removing bias for truly ethical AI
  • Will tech undermine or enable our future?
  • How can we overcome the challenges in upskilling and reskilling workforces to ‘democratise’ AI?

REwork 2023 by the numbers

2 day in-person and virtual event


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Heads of/Managers


Workplace Strategy/Experience
People & Culture
Real Estate/Property
Executive Management
Digital Technology



Landlords - owners of office space, flex space operators

Agencies/ intermediaries

Office design & fit-out firms/consultants

Architects (building and space design)

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Workplace Experiences Summit presents unique annual opportunities across a number of channels, all designed to deliver business development and leadership opportunities.

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Who Should Partner?

Workplace strategy & experience

  • Tenant experience platforms
  • Workplace management solutions
  • Desk and meeting room booking
  • Workplace/resource scheduling
  • Space utilisation
  • Contactless
  • AR/VR

Architecture, design, planning & consulting

  • Design & build
  • Interior design
  • Reconfiguration
  • Fit out

Distributed workforce tools/technologies

  • Digital employee experience platforms
  • Collaboration & networking tools
  • File sharing tools
  • Messaging tools
  • CRM
  • Videoconferencing
  • Cybersecurity

Space & service providers

  • Landlords
  • Agencies/Brokers
  • Tenant reps
  • Consultants


The REwork APAC Summit is a Hybrid event. This format combines the traditional face-to-face conference with virtual elements, allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to access the same content and networking opportunities simultaneously.

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Take part in intelligently curated meetings with like-minded individuals that share similar interests and challenges from all over the world through our AI powered matchmaking delivered via our virtual platform.

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